Asian Massage Parlor Vs Strip Club

Aug 1 2012
Many times we are out at night and we are on a budget. We have $200 to spend. Where is the best bet to spend the dough? An AMP or a strip club?

Here is my analysis.

Pros for Strip Club:
You can't catch any disease at all (unless you go to FS Strip Club, which WILL cost you more than $200)
You get a better variety of women to choose from, including more non-Asian women.
You can drink (at some)--some states only allow drinking if the girls don't get fully nude.
You can enjoy the ambience and atmosphere with your homies.

Cons for Strip Club:
$20 lap dances at 3 minutes each can eat up your cash fast.

Start: $200 
$40 entry fee (unless you cut a coupon out of the newspaper).
$160 remaining divided by 20 = 8 lap dances
You will have enough to last you through the night if you economize. You might get to grab/suck a titty, but no DATY and no FS for sure.

Pros for an AMP:
You can walk out if the girl is nasty looking.
You get a whole hour to spend with them.
You get them all to yourself and can build a relationship with them--most girls at SC's have significant others.
You can get off.
You can do your homework on AMPS beforehand to know what you're getting into. Strip club girls rotate so frequently that it's almost not even worth researching.

Cons for an AMP:
None. Go to the Amp Sucka!

Now Mongo must go to his favorite AMP. Time for a little R&R. Until next time hobbyists...
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12.10.2012 12:41:03
Agree 100% with Mongo on this one. The difference really is at SC almost all the girls are smoking hot (at least the ones I used to go to) but, yeah you can't touch so it's an hour of blue balls minus 2 bills. Or AMP you get laid usually for $140, most of the time they're GETF (good enough to fuck). I'm no JP Morgan but the finances-to-value ratio adds up.


cougx :
12.10.2012 02:14:44
@redfireball but then the rules come, and if you really want to get brave you can drink to the point where you fight off security when they're dragging you out the door for touching one of their dancers, LOL it never happened to me but I did seen it happen more then once, not nice.


12.08.2012 21:18:21
Guys. You are forgetting the major difference. Liquid courage. SCs offer alcohol then you might get brave enough to reach for the tittie. In AMPs it's all sober. I went to a new AMP and the Curtis pie did not give any hi t that more could be on the menu even with me rubbing her legs. I resigned myself to just a good massage and AT


redd65 :
10.13.2012 21:24:09
A strip club vs a AMP really a strip club is like buying a hustler mag flushing cash down the toilet and jacking off alone Why why why. just go to a AMP the money is better spent


09.15.2012 11:15:26
I was driving a U-Haul through some flyover state and discovered a kind of strip honky-tonk across the street from my Motel 6. It had a rough crowd--beer, and all nude dancers who were literally on top of a 6 foot stage. And no individual dancing--it was all about showing their pussy at a rate of about a dollar for 30 seconds. It was actually quite a turn-on, as twenty dollars lasted an hour and there was no problem with "sharing the view" with a fellow ogler. This was *by far* the most gyno-friendly strip club I ever encountered, and I *still* wonder were it was. Anyway, this got me more hot and bothered than I could stand, and I noticed that some guys were getting lap dances from these gals when they climbed down and put their bikinis on. I picked the one I had fed the most $$$ to and said, "I've never had a lap dance--I'm thinking of getting one before I leave." Those were the magic words--she said, "Honey, if you can still walk home after one of my lap dances you're a better man than most of these cowboys." She put me in a kind of wing-back armchair and said, "You might want to get your--you know--straightened out." When I had adjusted to her satisfaction, she positioned my arms to the side, took off her top, and all of sudden shoved her g-string in my face so I could get a good sniff. Then she hunkered down on my tool and began a full-on crotch-to-johnson rub. The combination of boobie facials, the exhibitionistic feel of semi-public sex, girlie body lotion, and--of course--the drubbing my penis was getting, had me creaming my jeans long before the clock ran out. "Sherrie! Sherrie!" I hollered, trying to get her attention. "I think I'm done." She reached down to my crotch, felt the dampness there with her fingers, and said, "Why so you are! So how was it?" I mumbled something complementary and began the "walk of shame," getting several hoots from punters who noticed my damp crotch. Total damage: Maybe $40. No, I won't forget that lady. But that may have been one of my best SC experiences ever.


gecko :
09.02.2012 14:22:27
Actually if you just won the lottery, you can get pretty far in the strip clubs. But for anyone on a limited budget, the best they offer is eye candy in abundance only.


08.26.2012 18:26:54
I absolutly and positively agree that if you want flesh to flesh enjoyment , then asm is way to go then a SC. Strip clubs now a days are a greedy scum envirnment. A lot of the strippers now (especially in Connecticut) are not into showing gentlemen respect for their time being there but, only want your money. Todays strip clubs have NO CLASS anymore. Especially where I live, in the state of Connecticut.


08.26.2012 09:00:13
I'm stuck on AMP's, the SC's I've visited in Houston, Jacksonville, Dallas, New Orleans, San Diego and Biloxi are no comparison when it comes to my satisfaction. For the time overseas, the few places I've been, the MP's win out usually. I'd say mine is AMP's, the ladies may not be beauty queens like the gentleman's clubs, but they are happy to see you.


08.18.2012 18:37:30
After starting out with the SCs in Europe and then coming back home to see how they compared, not even close.. Went to exactly 2 and have never went back. Just wish I would have known about AMPs when I was overseas.


08.18.2012 16:28:35
For physical experience a shady AMP hands down better. Now if your just up for people watching at the bar of a club watch a game at the same time.. better bet of the strip club.. one visit found myself counting stab wounds and bullet holes in this one stripper and tipped her extra for the stories about them. Somewhat interesting.


mharr :
08.18.2012 10:42:31
Was offered DATY and BJ once for just $20 extra tip in SC backroom fantasy session - declined, but she was cute. Regularly get HJs and finger kitty at SCs. SCs usually have better looking - and white - girls but still prefer AMPs experience overall.


08.17.2012 20:03:03
I live in Long Beach, CA, there are hundreds of AMP's all around me, and barely started frequenting them. Last Friday went to the SC and dropped 700 dollars. Once I realized how much I had spent I felt like punching myself in the balls, immediately the next day I had to go to an AMP to know what it felt like to spend my money wisely again...haha


08.17.2012 01:28:54
Yeah I can't see paying a strip club for a hard on, no thanks i'll take the AMP any day of the week over that. At least you get touched.


08.15.2012 16:12:18
I agree with what appears to be the general consensus here. Strip clubs are good for arousal, but can be quite expensive with little consequence. With an AMP you are most likely going to get a decent (or great) massage and a bit more. I usually don't leave the AMP feeling ripped off, and most leave the SC feeling like my cash should have been spent elsewhere. I do like the idea of stopping at the SC to begin the evening and finishing the night at the AMP.


08.14.2012 16:25:56
40 years ago I went to my first SC when I turned 21. No such thing existed as a lap dance and you could not touch the girls at all or security was booting you out of the club. I got engaged at 23, married at 25 and had no need for SC's and AMP's did not exist in my area for many years. Homelife took a cold dive, so I began AMP'ing as a HE is a sure thing if you know the right AMP provider.I found that 2/3rds of AMP's provide HE and the others will do CBJ or FS. Not sure if you could find that many strippers at a SC that would provde the service the AMP's do. I would like to know how many guys have tried out the escorts, they are expensive but ususally white and much better looking that the AMP's.


08.13.2012 12:15:02
SC’s are for married men so they have something to fantasize about when home with the misses, as long as they’ve only looked and not gotten close enough to get their perfume on them. I started going to SC’s in the late 70’s, back when they actually stripped and had a routine. It would take several songs before they’d be naked. Now-a-days, they’re naked immediately, but will only dance or move if they are paid. Some will even cover-up if no one tips them. Then, once their 3 songs are done, they walk to all patrons to solicit tips because you watched them from a far. If they have a food menu, don’t bother unless you have a lot of time, because they take forever to serve your meal so you can buy the over-priced drinks and tip dancers. I was once in Sherry’s Showbar in Baltimore. To be able to spend time with a dancer, you had to buy a bottle of champagne (actually it was Cold Duck or flavored seltzer water so the dancer wouldn’t get drunk). The larger the bottle, the more time was allotted. At this location, you had to sit on the far end of the bar by an open door and negotiate for extras, that were to be performed right there. The thinking was that the other patrons would be watching the other dancers and not the bright sun-light that created you silhouetted activities. I did get a hand job and did some finger probing, but really felt uncomfortable due to the layout. This was 15 years ago, so don’t ask me what I spent, but the dive is still there off Rte. 40 I believe. Although this site does not cover street walkers, I have to admit that I really enjoy the hunt for them. I used to drive around for hours looking for just the right one and then hope I’d get to her before someone else did. I stopped picking them up in the mid-90’s as I was caught by the police. I was fortunate that he let me go with a stern warning about prison time, heavy fines and loss of vehicle. I still go on the hunt, I just don’t pick anything up. In the early 2000’s, I was a monthly regular at Kim’s Acupressure in Annandale. I usually went the Sunday after I helped run a BDSM social in DC ( For $60 I usually got a great massage with a HE, but the girl (name?) and I hit it off, so I gave her more full body massages than she gave me for no extra cash. It was cool because the other masseuses referred to her as “the good girl” and I still got the HE. I’ve been more into the BDSM scene of late as I moved out of the area, but now that I’m back I’m checking the AMP’s again. Kyoto Spa in Columbia, MD was a favorite from the past, but the table is gone it’s just a standing shower. Money is tight, so I cannot get out to AMP’s as much as I like to and SC's are a waist of time.


08.13.2012 07:39:16
If I do go to a SC, I'll just sit at the bar, enjoy the eye candy, and tip the dancers 10 to 20 dollars total. Afterward, head out to an AMP to vent. Private/lap dances don't do anything for me.


08.13.2012 00:14:27
Strip clubs suck your money, but little else unless you pay about ten times what it would otherwise cost at an AMP. It is possible to get HJ, BJ or even FS and a SC, but you have to find the right dancer who is willing to risk it, and you can also get in trouble if you're hanging out of your pants, especially if the cops come in to do a check. Not worth it. AMP.


08.12.2012 18:08:55
I have spent at least 10 years at Strip Clubs in LA. Also tried LV. The best I could do is HJ but only with specific individuals. (and it took a lot of trial and error until I found them) Then I found rubmaps and I will NEVER go back to SC. I have found a perfect place and have been there at least a dozen times with FS everytime. I am truly "addicted"


08.12.2012 17:15:22
If the girl goes by the name of May, it is her real name as that is a very common name for Chinese girls. In Pinyin, the chinese alphabet, you would spell it Mei. I have been with quite a few though as well as Anna. Sherry is common and so is Jenny.


08.12.2012 06:02:27
Just for fun you should do a survey of most commonly over used MT names; May, Mae, Mai, Candy, Lucy, Anna.


08.10.2012 19:40:29
Unfortunately I spent most of my younger years at strip clubs and got nothing but blue balls and an empty wallet every time. My last visit to a strip club I ended up getting lap dances from an extremely hot Korean girl and then it hit me, the AMP! I did my research hitting this site and the rest is history. I have been to Vegas several times dropping cash at strip clubs, beautiful women and nothing but a DIY at the hotel room later. My last visit to Vegas I spent $0 at SCs and $500 at an AMP with hot Chicks and very satisfying HEs. The AMP is hands down (pun intended) the way to go.


08.10.2012 13:18:33
Any tried before a massage from a women the works from home ? is safe ? there is a girl the has a post on craigslist in LOS Angeles , Azusa california , any risk ? Thanks


08.10.2012 01:20:06
Strip clubs are waste of money by comparison...


08.09.2012 18:53:49
Agree that you can't catch a disease at a strip club, but you can catch a cold. I caught one from a girl giving me a lapdance and she coughed this nasty cough. 2 days later I had a sore throat which blossomed into a harsh cold. Also was unlucky enough to catch a cold from an AMP recently. The girl sneezed twice on my naked body. This was already after kissing her body and feeling her all over. Guess what? Two days later, another sore throat, cold, cough. I'm coughing as I write this! :(


08.09.2012 17:23:14
It's funny, I recently did the cost-benefit analysis on this. No matter how interreted and good looking the girls are in the SC the security folks are annoying and it is very difficult to get fully naked. At least in the AMP you are already naked and things can progress nicely from there. Ironically, the girls often keep more on than you do, but i would rather be relaxed, naked and have clean up supplies ready. When is the last time a SC hoe wiped you down with a hot towel afterwards? Like never...


08.08.2012 10:45:08
Does ne one know where they offer BBJ,FS in Bay area ie san jose,milpitas region??


08.07.2012 12:25:39
spanky67, If you're ever arrested, say nothing and ask for a lawyer. Also these two videos will give you better insight into the arresting process. Part 1: Part 2: And while I have not been arrested, I have read a story where the lawyer was able to get the sentence reduced 3 times to community service and going to john school. But you shouldn't expect the same for yourself. Then there's also the famous Jerry Rice incident. I'm not sure what came of it, but you can google Jerry Rice asian massage and the story should pull up. I guess all those years of being a receiver for the 49'ers, he wanted someone else to do the receiving. :P


08.06.2012 21:51:04
I happen to know the best of both worlds. I know of 2 strip clubs that offer full service for 100. I get in free because I go during the day. You add a few drinks and laps from the girl you want to VIP and your out about 150. A MP usually cost 40 to mamasan and 100 for FS. So it works out about the same.


08.06.2012 16:27:48
There is a downside to AMP. They get raided every now and again. In most states, just being inside an AMP is a crime. Don't be fooled, you can get busted and have your name listed in the newspaper for being arrested. I am a big fan of AMP they are fun, but you can get arrested and prosecuted. That is the only downside. A strip club can be more expensive and there is no risk of being arrested. However, who wants to look and not touch. I noticed on this site nobody talks about being caught in a police or FBi sting. I would be interested to hear everybody's thoughts on this.


08.05.2012 16:59:43
I wasted my time in strip clubs from 1992 until 2004, and I dropped a LOT of money just for getting teased. Well, sometimes there was a lot more than teasing. But I still spent a small fortune because of my addiction to boobies. And then, in early 2004, I discovered AMPs. At that point, strip clubs were dead to me. I could spend HUNDREDS and only get teased, or I could spend a mere $100 for a massage and a guaranteed HE! The economics speak for themselves. Strip clubs are for suckers or guys which a ton of money to blow.


cougx :
08.05.2012 01:01:06
Im a younger monger in my earlier 20's maybe its because I started off with AMP's that I now find strip clubs so fucking boring what a waste of time and money ugh! last time I went to one I was watching the game at the near by bar the whole time and the girls there are so full of shit I didn't even want them to talk to me, I know that AMP girls also act out a lot of great attitude and complements but they do such a good job, a lot of AMP girls out here are also good kissers and teasers indeed and still let you do to them many physical things with a lot of good fucking which is a very important thing, these typical ass faced strippers with their don't even think about touching me attitudes not only have more rules than a fucking courthouse but many of them also have the worst attitudes I think iv'e ever seen, lame!, AMP's win! obviously .


08.04.2012 23:17:14
I'm an AMP addict but there is one con. You don't find a lot of AMP girls who are good kissers or really enjoy it. I found two within the last week but that was after a long dry spell. One lived in Sacramento and the other was in Seattle.


08.04.2012 09:26:26
I know this doesn't exactly belong is this thread, but I'm hoping someone can answer this question. Do any parlors offer Greek FS? And if they do, is it extra to play in the back door?


08.03.2012 17:48:20
I used to work in a few strip clubs and beleive me those places are a big rip off, wouldnt waste my time or money,massage parlors are the way to go!!!!


brome :
08.03.2012 08:08:41
I can't see the point of a SC visit unless you are looking to make a connection with one of the regular girls.The ones I remember never even got me interested. An AMT, on the other hand, has rarely let me down.If nothing else,a decent massage beats a hangover.


08.02.2012 16:48:26
I like to go to thé strip club first, don't wear undies go to VIP area and unzip and get her to reach in and play with mini me have à few drinks then go next door , Lucky me my favorite AMP is next door then choose my girl or girls depending on how much Money I have left from strip joint, and have fun there too


08.02.2012 11:10:08
stri clubs if your balling and got it but its still a waste only thing they have better looking females but AMP you get experince of massage and you get off both things thats good for health lol stress release i pick AMP


08.02.2012 09:09:41
If you're on this site you know this is a silly poll ;)


snye79 :
08.02.2012 02:17:31
I received FS once at a strip club in Newburgh, NY. I'd rather not say how much I spent on that but it was in a cramped booth and not very comfortable. I happened to be on an anti depressant at that time and the girl wanted more money for how much time it took for me to finish the deed. Left that place feeling like such a sucker. I've been to Amsterdam twice, this site has made me wish I could have saved some money and not went on my 2nd trip there. Thank you for this site, it has become very useful to me.


08.01.2012 19:06:19
I wasted so much cash in strip clubs for nothing.... I went to my first AMP a couple years ago. Best thing ever. Never will I go to a strip club again.


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