Every so often (at least for me), I encounter a relaxation assistant (RA) who just rubs me the WRONG way. It only happens like once every 10 visits or so..but enough that I have kept a list of my biggest pet peeves and what annoys me the most when visiting [more...]
Having problems even though Asian cutie, twenty-something Susie is talking dirty and trying everything she can with her hands to get the old boy up? Are you coming in to see Lily again but end up disappointed because you’re “coming a little too early?” No, this is not a commercial for Viagra. Rather, this [more...]
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Due to popular demand, and to give our members a way to establish closer bonds and communicate more freely we have officially just launched the new Forum feature on RubMaps a few weeks ago.  forum.rubmaps.com/ RubMaps Cafe is the best place on the site to interact [more...]
Hey, mamasan, stop what you're doin'! Hey, mamasan, you'll drive me to ruin. Mongo understands that people immigrate to the glorious United States to earn more money to bring back home,  but the problem is when speech becomes bit [more...]


Sep 11 2012
There has been a blog post about covers versus bareback, and the cons versus the awards.  How about the other side?   I’m sure we’ve all had fun experiences DATY with our girlfriends or a significant other. Those are the women [more...]
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