I've notice how some members mentioned their wives in the reviews, comments or forum topics.  So I wanted to see if you guys think this hobby either hinder or help the relationship?  This topic is for marriage only.  Boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is not legally binding.  [more...]
So I'm sure this has happened to many of you at one time or another.  You're excited because you're on the way to your favorite AMP to see your ATF.  You pull up and it looks like the lights are out.  You ring the doorbell and knock, but there's no [more...]
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Here's a post for all of you on Valentine's day... What do you guys do for your ATF on Valentine's day? Do you stop by and bring flowers? Candy? Pay for a double session? Even lunch...kimchi and ramen... OR do the married mongers spend time with their [more...]
I thought this would be a good topic to discuss.  Who gives a better massage experience.  The young nubile thing or the older experienced woman?  Am I referring to strictly massage or for the extra services?  I am referring to the whole enchilada.  Overall quality of the session: the massage [more...]
Just wanted to thank everyone of you for helping to make this board a better place.  Hope everyone is enjoying time with their friends, significant others and family!  What are your New Year Resolutions? Quit smoking? Lose weight? Pay off your mortgage?  Would love to hear them. As for Mongo...my New Years Resolution [more...]
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