For those of us that get to reach Third Base and beyond with our provider, which do you prefer in a woman?  Pubic hair to be shaved, trimmed or unshaven?  Maybe some of you will say all of the above, as long as there’s a hole.  This topic is for [more...]
Please note that this is NOT a paid advertisement. I actually got bored tonight (it's around 1:30am)...all my favorite AMPs in Los Angeles are closed. So what are my other options? I can go on BP and try to score a girl..but never know what you're going to get [more...]
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In honor of America's birth, Mongo decided to celebrate by going into another country!  What better place to let loose than Tijuana, Mexico!  Yes, the border town has been a haven for gringos wanting even more freedom than were offered in the ol' US of A for years.  It [more...]
Wanted to thank all RM mongers for being patient today. We unexpectedly had an overload of network traffic from one of our competitors. Needless to say, no personal information was compromised and we are working on restoring service levels to 110% of what they were prior. We have an active [more...]
Hey everyone, I wanted to touch on a particular topic that may not be the easiest to talk about, but one that should be addressed on these forums because it’s become a topic of discussion amongst my friends and myself and I’d love to see the responses that the [more...]
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