Sorry for the delay fellas...I hope everyone is having a great Valentine's day. It was actually interesting to note that this day was the HIGHEST day in terms of Internet traffic for 2014 so far...must be some lonely guys out there (including me).... Without further ado... [more...]
Wanted to thank all of our members for making the site a better place in 2013. 2014 will be a HUGE year for RubMaps. We are working on some great design changes and enhanced features. Our mobile site is being fine tuned and we are bringing more and more mongers [more...]
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Sorry for the downtown fellas (I assume no ladies are on this site, besides a few lesbians who posted in the forums).... There was some routing error which affected mostly AT&T iphone 4 and 5s (3g/4g and LTE). This has been FIXED. Sorry for the inconvenience. Lo Siento Muchachos [more...]
Dear fellow mongers, Seems like AT&T has still not resolved the mobile re-direct issue.  In order to access the phone on your android or iphone, please type in the following: (if is not redirecting you). We are working on getting the re-direct back up and running. Thank you for being patient. -Mongo Ps...Let's go Broncos!! Time [more...]
Every once in a while we get an e-mail that's worth publishing. Here is one from KCFAN216, about his very first time. Some may think I’m a little late to start… I’m 32 years old and it was only last year is when I started going to massage [more...]
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